Multipurpose Health Workers (Female) Training Schools - Policy on regulation of grant of permission to the Private Multipurpose Health Workers (Female) Training Schools and other matters connected therewith - Rules - Issued.




G.O.Ms.No. 314                                                                                Dated:16-8-1997
                                                                                                         Read the following:


            1.      G.O.Ms.No.555, Health, Medical and Family Welfare (K1) Dept.,
Dt. 7-9-1989.

            2.      G.O.Ms.No. 217, Health Medical and Family Welfare (M2) Dept.,
Dt. 3-5-1995.

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            4.      G.O.Ms.No. 267, Health, Medical  and Family Welfare (E1) Dept.,
Dt. 14-7-1997.


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O R D E R :


            The Government have been considering for quite some time now about the need to have a comprehensive policy for granting permission to Multipurpose Health Workers (Female) Training  Schools and also to have regulation as regards their functioning.  The concern of the Government to maintain the minimum standards required in these institutions arose out of  certain reports in the Press and other media about the falling standards in  Multipurpose Health Workers (Female) Training Course. The need for having an adequate number of properly trained Female Health Workers can never be over-emphasized, in view of the crucial role   they play in the delivery of Family, Welfare and maternal  and  Child Health Services with this background in mind, Govt.  in Health, Medical & Family Welfare Department, appointed an Expert Committee in G.O.Ms.No.217, Health, Medical and Family Welfare (M2) Department Dt. 3-5-1995 to study the functioning of the existing Multipurpose Health Workers (Female) Training  Schools in the Private Sector.


            The Department have examined the Report of the Expert Committee and approved a Draft Policy on regulation of grant of permission to private Multipurpose Health Workers (Female) Training Schools and placed it before the Council of Ministers  on  15-7-1997.  The  Cabinet have decided to constitute a Cabinet Sub-Committee with Dr. N. Janardhan Reddy,  Hon’ble  Minister for Health,  Medical & Family Welfare, Sri K. Srihari, Hon’ble  Minister for Social Welfare and Sri. K  Chandrasekhara  Rao, Hon’ble  Minister for Transport as members to study the guide-lines prepared by the   Department and submit a report for consideration of the Cabinet.  The Cabinet sub-Committee had sittings on 16-7-1997 and        18-7-1997 and made certain recommendations.  As per the  recommendations of  the Cabinet sub-Committee,  Government in super session of any guide-lines/ instructions  issued earlier, hereby make  rules in regard to according permission to the  Private Multipurpose Health Workers (Female) Training Schools and procedure for admission of students as detailed below :-




















:: 2 ::




            In exercise of the powers  conferred by section 99 of  the Andhra Pradesh Education Act, 1982 (Act. 1 of 1982) the Governor of Andhra Pradesh hereby makes the following Rules.




1.             These rules may be called the “Andhra Pradesh Multipurpose Health Workers (Female) Training Schools  (Admission into Multipurpose Health Workers (Female) Training  and Grant of  Permission to Private Multipurpose Health Workers (Female) Training Schools) Rules 1997.”


2.             They shall apply to all the Private Multipurpose Health Workers (Female) Training Schools/ Institutions  imparting  Multipurpose Health Workers (Female) Training Course.


3.             They shall come into force with immediate effect.




50%  of the  total number  of seats shall be  called “free seats” and the remaining 50% shall be called “Management Seats”.




1.       Admissions to “Free seats” shall be made by a selection Committee consisting of the following:-


I.          Joint Collector of the District                           ---     Chairman

II.         Dist. Medical & health Officer                        ---     Member-Convenor

III.       Superintendent of the Dist  Head

            Quarters Hospital                                           ---     Member

IV.       Deputy Director,  Social  Welfare                    ---     Member

V.        Principal of the Concerned training institution   ---     Member


The above Committee shall make selections based purely on the merit on the basis of the aggregate marks obtained by the candidates in the minimum qualifying examination for Multipurpose  health Workers (Female) Course, I.e., SSC Public Examination  or  its equivalent.  In  deciding  such merit,  candidates who pass under compartmental system will be  placed after candidates who  pass in a single  sitting :


2.       The Principals of Private institutions shall admit candidates as allotted by the  above committee on the basis of ranking  assigned to them against 50% “Free seats”.


3.       The maximum number of students to be admitted in an  institution shall not exceed (40) forty.  However, if infrastructural facilities, teaching staff etc.  in an  institution are found to be  inadequate to train (40)  forty students, Government have the right to permit a lesser number of students;  and



















:: 3 ::


4.       Admission to “management  seats” shall  be done by the institution only after the list of students to be  admitted is checked by the  Selection Committee.




Rule of reservation shall be strictly followed while making  selection for both free seats and management seats.  Un filled seats meant for reserved categories shall be kept  vacant and  shall  not be filled up.  The  stipulation of local area reservations as prescribed in the rules of force by the Education Department shall  be followed.




A  maximum fee of Rs. 500% per month per head may be charged for Free Seats.  As regards the Management  Seats the fee shall not be more than five times the applicable for Free Seats.  Government will have the   authority to fix the  maximum fee chargeable for free  seats and also to fix an  upper limit in respect of fee for  the management seats.




The minimum educational qualification for admission into  Multipurpose Health Workers (Female) Training Course will be SSC (Xth  Class) and minimum age for admission should be 15 years.”




The physical facilities in terms of land, buildings, Class-room facilities, laboratory facilities, requirement of personnel and equipment shall be as follows :




                                                                                    Plinth Area (Sft)

(1)   Class Rooms                30’    x   20’    ... 2 …                     12000

(2)   Demo-Lab Room         20’    x  15’    …1 …                       300

(3)   Library                        20’    x   15’   …1…                        300

(4)   Office Rooms              15’    x   12’   …2 …                       360

(5)   Stores (for equip-

        ment And  Teaching    15’     x   12’   …1 …                      180
        aids) all rooms with
       necessary furniture)                                                       

                                                                 Total (SFT)       2340


The  individual room sizes may be marginally different, subject  to total space being ensured.






















:: 4 ::




                  (1)  Dormitories / OR                         30’   x  20’       …..2(two)
                         Rooms for  40-Students               10’   x  12’        ….10(ten)

                  (2)  Dining Room                                20’   x  15’         ….1(one)

                  (3)  Study Room (Desirable)               10’   x  15’             1(one)

                  (4)  Toilets                                                                     8(eight)

                  (5)  Bathrooms                                                              8 (eight)            



(iii)                         Other Facilities Required :


(1)    Common Room/ Recreation Room adequately furnished

(2)    Adequate Electricity and Water Supply facilities

(3)    Facilities for out-door / in-door games  are desirable.



(iv)       Teaching  Aids to be provided :


1.       Sufficient books, Journals, A.V.Aids, Charts,  Model  Kits, anatomical Models & Female Pelvis,  Model Foetus of different Months as prescribed by the  Director,  Medical Education.

2.       T.V. and V.C.R.

3.       Laboratory Equipment for  Examinations of H.B. Urine, B.P. Apparatus, Stethoscope, height, an weight Machines as prescribed by the Director,  Medical Education.




(i)                 Teaching staff :


(1)          Principal Nursing Officer     …        1(one)

(2)          Public Health Nurses           …      3(three)

(3)          Nursing  Tutor                     …        2(two) 

(4)          Senior Sanitarian                 …        1(one)


Qualifications of the Teaching staff should be as prescribed by the  Nursing  Council.


Note:    (1)  The Senior Sanitarian may be taken as a Guest Faculty :

(2)  The Qualifications of the  Staff Nurses employed should be  Higher
       Grade in Nursing.


(ii)               Non-Teaching Staff :


1. Chowkidar / Watchmen            …      3(three)

2. Attender, Cook, Sweeper, etc.   …     As per requirement

3. House-keeper / matron             …        1(one)

4. Clerk                                       …        1(one)



















:: 5 ::


(iii)             Guest Lecturers/part-time lecturers by government Teaching Staff:


Experts working or retired may be engaged on Guest lecturer/ part –time lecturer basis on suitable remuneration: however in case of part-time  lecturers, one individual shall not be employed by more than one Institution on part-time  basis.  District Medical & health Officer of the  district should be empowered  to check up the list of teaching  staff  in the Multipurpose Health  Workers (Female) Training Institutions so  as to compare and see if the same Teacher is shown as working  in two Institutions.


(iv)             In-service / Training of the Faculty :


The training Institutions including the existing Institutions should provide in-service training for the Faculty, at their own cost at Indian Institute of Health and Family Welfare Hyderabad or any other Institutions identified by the  Government.




(i)                  The Training Institution should be attached to one or two Hospitals with a total of at least 60 (sixty) beds with  majority for maternity cases and also having pediatrics, general  and surgical cases: and

(ii)                No  Training Institutions  shall be permitted to have attachment to a Hospital, to which another Training  Institution is already attached.




Multipurpose Health workers (Female) Training Schools which require Clinical attachment for purposes of  training of their students in Government  Hospitals  will have  to pay a fee of Rs. 500/- per head per annum.  However Government reserve the right to revise this fee from time to time.


11.        The Director of Medical Education in the capacity of Ex-Officio  President of Andhra Pradesh Nursing Council will prepare an appropriate proforma for application form for Essentiality Certificate and the price of the application form shall be Rs. 5,000/- and is revisable by the  Government from time to time.  There shall also be an inspection  fee of Rs. 5,000/- which is revisable by the Government from time to time for organizing an inspection by the  director of Medical Education.


12.        CURRICULUM :


(i)                  The Curriculum  as prescribed by Nursing Council shall be followed.


(ii)                Multipurpose Health Workers (Female) Training Institutions must ensure the prescribed number of deliveries to be conducted by a candidate under supervision of Teacher/Doctor as prescribed by the Nursing Council.  This  should be  incorporated in the teaching plan worked not by each Institution, in consultation with the Hospital to which it is attached for practical training.                       


















:: 6 ::


(iii)               The  concerned Teacher of  the  Multipurpose Health Workers (Female) Training  Institution must be present in the Hospital concerned during the hour their  candidates being trained.  This is necessary for improving knowledge of the candidates and.


(iv)       Field Visits:

                        Before candidate appear for the Final Examination they should be  exposed to the field situation through attachment to primary Health Centers and with specific Auxiliary Nurse Midwives (ANMs)  for 6 weeks.  They should accompany  Auxiliary Nurse Midwives (ANMs) in their village visits and Immunisation / Ante-natal clinics.


13.       Syllabus and Conduct of Examination for awarding  Diploma / Certificate :


            Syllabus for the Course shall be  prescribed by the director Medical Education as per the guidelines  of  Nursing Council of India and the  Examination for  awarding of Diploma of certificate shall be conducted by the Director Family Welfare as per the guide-lines of the Nursing Council


14.       Periodicity of Admission :


(i)                        All the Recognized Multipurpose Health Workers (Female) Training Institutions under the Private  Management shall admit candidates uniformly either in March or April,  or in September or Oct.  of the year  (According to the completion of the previous course) by proper paper Notification in at least two leading daily News Papers, one of which shall be in Telugu : and


(ii)                      The duration  between one  batch and another batch shall be one and half years (18 months being the length of the Course).  The  Institution shall  not admit more than 40 (forty only) candidates.  If any Institution admits more number of candidates they will not be  eligible to appear for the common Board of  Examinations, and serious  action will be taken on the Managements of such schools.


15.       End of the Course Examination :


(i)      A common End of the Course Examination shall be conducted by the Director  Medical Education.


(ii)     To prevent malpractices  in the Examination at the time of admissions  itself of every batch, a list (Register of all candidate with names, addresses, identification marks and attested Photographs) shall be sent to the director , Medical Education.  Issue of hall tickets for examinations shall be limited to the no of students admitted as  per the list so furnished and


(iii)         Examinations shall be held in a centralized place in each District.  Preferably outsides Departments Staff (College Principals, Faculty etc.,) shall be nominated as Chief Superintendents.  Other staff also shall be from outside Departments.



















:: 7 ::




The Training Institution should depute the candidates after passing their.  Multipurpose Health Workers (Female) Training Examination held by the  Board of Examination, to under-go three(3) months Clinical skills training in any recognized Hospital /Clinic/First referral unit identified by the Government preferably in obstetrics and Gynecology  Units before /Original /Provisional Certificate is issued.


17.       The Government have constituted a Committee for consideration of the applications for establishing private Multipurpose Health Workers (Female) Training  Schools vide G.O.Ms.No.287, Health, medical and Family Welfare (F1) Dept.  Dt. 14-7-1997 under the chairman-ship of  Justice V. Ramachandra Raju (Retd.) Judge).  Government  will issue essentiality certificate to only such applicant institutions which are recommended by this committee.


18.       Institutions which obtain  essentiality certificate from Government shall be deemed to be recognized by the State Government and Diploma or Certificate awarded by them shall be considered valid unle4ss the Nursing Council of India or the Andhra Pradesh Nursing Council finds its performance below  per and  recommends to the state Government to  de-recognise the institution.


19.       (a) The above rules shall be made applicable the existing, institutions also.  The existing  institutions having any deficiencies as per the  stipulations of these rule shall make good such deficiencies within a period of one year from the date of issue of these rules and


            (b)  In case, any deficiencies or irregularities are noticed during the course of the functioning of an institution depending on gravity of such deficiencies irregularities a notice shall be given to the institution concerned calling upon it to make good the deficiencies and also to take appropriate  steps for  its proper functioning within a maximum  period to be notified.  If the institute fails  to do  so, the permission accorded to it shall be cancelled and the students  undergoing studies there shall  be  transferred to the nearest government  run Multipurpose Health Welfare (Female) Training School.  The students so transferred to the Government  institution  shall  not be  entitled for  stipend  on  per  with the  other students.




(1)                There shall be a security Deposit to be maintained by the applicant Institutions for a minimum period of 5 (five) years in Nationalised   Bank in the  joint name of the principal of the Institution and the Head of  the Department  concerned of Health Medical and Family Welfare Department as an evidence of the  financial credibility of the Institution.  This  Security Deposit which shall be maintained in the form of Fixed Deposit  Certificate shall be kept in the custody  of the concerned Head of the Department till the period of 5 (five) years is completed.  The  period of Five Years will be reckoned  from the  date from which the Institution Commences the first batch of admissions.  The  Security Deposit  to be maintained by the Multipurpose Health Workers (Female) Training Schools should be  as follows:



















:: 8 ::



a.       Rs. 2,00,000/- (Rupees two lakhs only) where the Institution is located in places other than those recognized as backward areas:


b.       Rs. 1,00,000/- (Rupees one lakh only) for Institutions to be located in backward areas: and



(2)                The definition of Backward area shall be as fixed by the Government from time to time.


21.        On issues other than those expressly provided  for in these rules, the regulations of Indian Nursing council shall apply.


22.        The Director of Medical Education / commissioner and Director of Family Welfare, Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad and all other officers concerned shall take suitable action as per the instructions issued through this G.O.




                                                                               C. ARJUNA RAO

                                                              PRINCIPAL SECRETARY TO GOVERNMENT



The Director, Medical Education, Hyderabad.

The Registrar, A.P. Nurses and Midwives, ANM’s &
        HV’s Council, Hyderabad.

The Registrar, Indian Nursing Council, New Delhi.

The Commissioner and Director of Family Welfare, Hyderabad.

The Director, Printing, Stationery and stores Purchase,
        Hyderabad ( for publication in the Andhra Pradesh Gazette).


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