MEDICAL EDUCATION   Constitution of Committee to process the  applications for grant of permissions for starting Nursing  Schools MPHW(F) Training Centres, Para medical Training Centres  and Physio Therapy Training Centres- orders Issued Continuance up 30-6-1998 Ordered.






G.O.Ms.No.6                                                                                      Dated: 5-1-1998

                                                                                                            Read the following:-


1.      G.O.Ms.No. 267, HM&FW  Deptt., Dated: 14-7-1997.

2.      D.O.Lr. No. 1/SC/PHT/97. Dt. 9-12-1997  from Justice P. Ramachandra Raju (retd.) Chairman, Selection Committee for para medical Institutions, addressed to Prl. Secretary to Govt.  HM&FW Department.





            In the G.O. first read above Govt. have  issued orders constituting a Committee under the Charimanship of Justice  P. Ramachandra Raju, Retired judge, High Court of Andhra Pradesh  with the supporting staff to process the applications received from interested  persons for establishment, Courses viz.  Nursing  MPHW(F), para-medical  Training Centres and Physio-therapy Degree Courses, and submit recommendations to the Govt.  for taking   final decision.  The Committee was appointed initially for a  period of six months from the date of issue of orders i.e.  14-7-1997.  The  period of six months will expire by  13-01-1998.


2.         The Chairman of the Committee in his letter 2nd read above has informed that the Committee has released an advertisement inviting requests for application forms for the various courses.   And the Committee has to send the application forms received from the applicants  to the inspection   parties for verification of the   information furnished by the applicants.  After the inspection reports are received, they have to be  placed before the Committee for examination  and consideration which will take a minimum period of further six months.  The Chairman of the Committee has therefore  requested the Government to extend  the period of Committee initially up to 30-6-1998 for completion of the above process of work.


3.         Government after careful consideration of the circumstances explained by the Chairman hereby extend the  continuance of the Selection Committee for para  Medical Institutions  constituted in the G.O.1st read above for a further period up to 30-6-1998.  The perquisites, privileges etc. to the  chairman, the T.A., D.A.,  sitting fees etc., to the members of   the  Committee stipulated in the G.O. first read above shall continue to apply.

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4.         The Commissioner, Andhra Pradesh Vaidya Vishana Parishad shall meet the expenditure towards functioning  of the Committee including  payment of salaries, T.A., D.A., Sitting fee etc.,  from its funds subject to recoupement of the same from the funds generated by sale of application forms for grant  of permission for starting of Nursing Schools. Para Medical  Courses etc.





                                                                                                  S. ANWAR 

                                                                   PRINCIPAL SECRETARY TO GOVERNMENT


The Chairman, Justice Sri P. Ramachandra Raju Committee.  Hyd.

All Members of the Committee.

The Commissioner, A.P.V.V.P., Hyderabad.



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